About us

We are crazy about the web <3

Founded in São Paulo in the end of 2015, habemus is a technology startup that creates tools and provides services that simplify software development and stimulate tech knowledge sharing around the world.

Our team is composed by idealistic people who believe in changing reality by empowering more people to create technology. Read more.

Our Team

luciana heuko ilustration

Luciana Heuko

cofounder, designer, programmer, educator

Graduated in design, she started learning programming in order to achieve more autonomy in building her ideas. She believes in the potential for positive social impact of technology. Cofounder and teacher of web programming at PrograMaria as well.

simon fan ilustration

Simon Fan

cofounder, software engineer

Started Economics at Universidade de São Paulo, but quit school to dive deeply into web development. Has had some experience with start-ups. Nowadays Simon is completely focused on the task of empowering people through the dissemination of tech-knowledge.

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