Responsive side menu starter project

A starter HTML5+CSS3+JS website project with a collapsible responsive side menu and smooth scroll transition among sections.

What is a starter project?

A starter project is a project with the basic file structure and some components readily integrated. They are great for starting your own website.

What's inside 'smooth scroll'?

This starter project comes with a menu that adequates itself to the screen width of the device in which the website was opened.

Besides, when clicking on menu links, the view slides down and up smoothly. Menu also supports external links.


File structure

├── img/                          -- directory containing all images
│   ├── logo.png
│   └── menu-trigger-images.svg
├── scripts/
│   └── header.js                 -- responsive header interactions
├── styles/
│   ├── header.css                -- responsive header styles
│   ├── reset.css                 -- browser resets
│   └── style.css                 -- main stylesheet
└── index.html                    -- homepage

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